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biosphere / dropsonde / touch

Geri Jenssen was born and permanently resides in Tromso, Norway which is 400 miles north of the Arctic circle. It is here, isolated from urban cultures that he creates his beautiful minimal organic creations. Jenssen, known for his ambient techno has incorporated beautiful model jazz structures into his latest release Dropsonde. Rhythms come out of nowhere through the ambient sounds of wind, rain, water, and ice which subtly burst into a driving brushed drum and plucked bass melody. Beautiful lush tones loop, build, swirl, and then fade away. Fans of Jan Jelinek's work with Triosk will appreciate this album. Jon Savage states "As with all of the Biosphere albums, the music draws you in and makes you want to listen and feel. Jenssen's work acts on a very emotional level, one that encourages you to drift away into a haze of images and scenes brought to you by the music, where spectacular beauty hides unseen danger. Intense and moving, but comforting and soothing at the same time." This is ideal listening for the winter months. Highly Recommended.
listen: birds fly by flapping their wings
listen: sherbrooke

pan/tone / chug mp3
pan/tone / smoke signals mp3

lawrence / untitled / dial cd02

various / compilation 01 / freude-am-tanzen recordings

01. Gamat 3000 - Feeling Love (Wighnomy's Give Peace A Chance Remix) (remix by Wighnomy Brothers)
02. Soulphiction - Black Woman
03. Funky Transport - Hell Bells
04. Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wru"hme - Bobb
05. Hemmann & Kaden - Sense
06. Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wru"hme - Bodyrock
07. Mark Henning - With the Folks
08. DJ Koze - Lighta Spuba
09. Hemmann & Kaden - Vaganza
10. Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wru"hme - Pele Bloss
11. DJ Koze - Smornin

Wonderful presents from Jens Lekman.

Thanks to for the honourable mention in his journal entry and another thanks to one, yet another netlabel for linking me to their reviews section.


ryan driver, sandro perri & jennifer castle / tranzac club / toronto, feb. 18th

What an amazing intimate encounter with some of Toronto's best talent. I was blown away by Jennifer Castle's chilling sweet minimal folk tunes which silenced the room. About 30 people were in attendance and although the artists deserved a larger audience I was pleased to have them all to myself. What a beautiful moment in time. Check out Jennifer Castle's "heaven" video and fall in love with her as quickly as I did.

sebastien roux / songs / 12k

Tinkery electronics that peek-a-boo oh so daintily in and out of silence, sometimes tweaking out a bit while remaining gentle. Sounds as commonplace as hands searching through a drawer of clutter, a sudden bump and a distorted tone complimented with intermingling strums from an acoustic guitar. Roux's Songs could be described as a folktronic dream that challenges and stills the listener into wanting more. Purchase this journey, it's an enjoyable voyage.
the harp and contrabass song mp3

various / pingipung plays the piano / pingipung

I must have this album! Pingipung label (first time I've heard of it) brings us a compilation that focuses on the piano. Familiar artists like Lawrence, Barbara Morgenstern and Hauschka sit comfortably among new names such as Grabuk, Springintgut, Thaddi and Egobird. Nils Frahm's sample track is beautifully crafted with delicate sweet melodies and click beats which only makes me want more. What a tease. Why aren't there any proper record stores in Toronto?
nils frahm / durton mp3

Check out the Bjork's hilarious and brilliant "Triumph of the Heart" video


loscil / stases / one, another net label


Loscil aka Scott Morgan's anticipated new release Plume is out this May and according to him "has a 'nice' picture of a smoke stack on the cover." Stases is a series of drones that he recently released on one. He said "they seemed a little minimal for most conventional labels so i went with a net release." He presently juggles his work at an animation company in Vancouver and has recently become a dad to a little baby girl. "Her name is Sadie and she's now 8 months and is full of piss and vinegar. She gets a special credit on my new record" Catch him on tour with Destroyer this March at Lee's.


banyek / tesz-vesz varos / exclusive mix for radio petofi / bitlab records

01.Miles Tilmann: Middle Fields (Toytronic)
02.Ten and Tracer: Dragon Simply Speaking (U-Cover)
03.Vector Lovers: Neon Sky Rain (Soma)
04.Montag: All I See (Gooom/Carpark)
05.Kaminari Synthesis: Blue Skies, Winter's Final Cry and Other Relevant Love stories /reszlet/ (Camomille)
06.Digitonal: Snowflake Vectors (Seed)
07.Cooler: Sorrowful-go-round (U-Cover CDr Limited)
08.Mou, lips!: Deep Blue Ocean of Emptiness (Observatory Online)
09.Bad Comfort: Melodie Denise (Phonocake)
10.Soutien Gorge: Story Told in The Town of Friendly Tentacle Worms (Bitlab)
11.Multiplex: R U Real (U-Cover)

ezekiel honig / percussion lab

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